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Yi Ren Fung

I grew up from the Greater Boston area. Currently in Champaign, IL. Passionate about NLP, IE/KG, tech, and content creation while exploring the world.

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Me in a Nutshell

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Blender Lab of UIUC, where I am fortunately advised by Prof. Heng Ji. My research interests are in natural language processing, knowledge reasoning, and computation for the social good.

Some of my recent research and collaborations include:

  • Fine-Grained Claim Extraction with Attribute Knowledge: a novel NewsClaim benchmark (EMNLP’22 paper); a zero-shot directed QA framework for the task (COLING’22 paper)
  • Fine-Grained Misinformation Detection: reasoning across multimedia and background knowledge (ACL’21 paper); cross-document misinformation detection (NAACL’22 paper); battlefront of fake and biased news (KDD”22 and AACL’22 tutorial)
  • Knowledge Reasoning: Kompare (KDD’21 paper), COVID KG Construction and Drug Report Generation (NAACL’21 Best Demo paper), NormSAGE (preprint - NEW)